Spectacles, Snapchat sunglasses that film what you are looking at

 Remember good moments is easier each time. Spectacles, Snapchat sunglasses has made possible, for those who live in United States, to film what they are living in the moment and share it with everyone.

Snapchat has been created in 2011 by Evan Spiegel and it was definitely successful among teenage people, but also among social media. Instagram Stories or WhatsApp Status look like (just a little…) the stories that we share in our Snapchat’s profile. On the other hand, Lifestage is the network that Facebook –who tried to buy the social network in 2013– has launched for young people. While we was trying to understand how snapchat works, they have realised that they were being plagiarized. That’s the reason why we think that Spectacles is a new hope for their business.

How does Spectacles work?

The circle sunglasses have a button on their left side to turn on the camera and start recording a ten seconds video. Snapchat’s memory store this videos. This action can be repeat twice, so we can record a maximum of thirty seconds video. If glasses are not connected to wifi, this saves the videos until the moment they connect again.

The battery is recharged directly in the glasses’ case and, as first reviews said, it lasts one day, more or less.

Spectacles: innovative gadget with an innovative delivery

Online sale of Spectacles arrives to United States after their first strategy of selling. This strategy was a little bit different from we are used to. Until now, those who wanted to buy this glasses had to do it in the snapbots. ¿What is that? A selling machines which people from Snapchat have distributed around the United States. We usually find a 24 hours food machine in the middle of the street, but not a sunglasses’ one. In those, you could choose among the three different colours: coral, blue or black.
Making easier the location of these machines, Snapchat shared a map in which they indicated the places where snapbots were. This system had started in november 2016, but nowadays you can get your Spectacles online, in their official webpage.



We are curious people and we like sharing what we see, hear and know about innovation and technology.
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We are curious people and we like sharing what we see, hear and know about innovation and technology.

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