Smart tattoos: the next step in the wearable technology

After physical monitoring bracelets, smart watches and virtual reality glasses, smart tattoos will be the next big step of the wearable industry.

Since the advent of the first commercial devices, the wearable technology has experienced consistent growth over the years. Only in 2015, more than 20 million of wearable devices have been sold worldwide, and forecasts for the coming years are outstanding, according to market analysts.



The company MC10 is developing this smart tattoos technology called BioSTAMP with medical purposes. It is a “wearable device” that will handle constant vital measure to improve research and treatment of diseases such as the neurodegenerative ones. Included in the sticker-like design is an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a mini ECG, and the ability to measure the electrical signals produced by skeletal muscles.

Along the same lines, L’Oréal has also launched a similar project called UV Patch. In this case, the tattoo tells the user the damages received due to sun exposure.

uv patch


The patch of the French cosmetics company looks like a slim and thin bandage high-tech containing photosensitive dyes that change colour in the presence of UV rays. The process is very simple, because to know how many rays have been captured, we just need to take a picture of the sticker with the smartphone, and with the help of the application, we can get an idea of the damage to which it is exposed our skin.

In both cases, projects have functional health-related purposes. For that reason, they do not have a much elaborated design in terms of aesthetics, being a very different model to the idea of ​​tattoos to which we are used to, as we can see in the tattoo studio website Logia Barcelona, for example.


It seems that evolution in the world of tattoos is focused on providing user identification data as an ID located in our skin. We hope that we can also see outstanding designs combined with health technology as well.

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