The smart mattress that never sleeps

According to the alarming results of a recent study made in Spain about fidelity among couples from the country, a company has launched a product called Smarttress.


As you can imagine from its name, it is a mattress that detects when your partner is cheating on you
with someone else on your bed
and informs you about this suspicious activity.

The fact that social networks like Meetic or Tinder have been gaining popularity lately in the country has helped to increase infidelity rates since it is much easier to find a sexual partner nowadays.

The detection system ( Lover Detection System) , created by the engineer Ivan Miranda , consists in 24 ultrasonic sensors in six row
s and four columns placed inside the mattress.

An algorithm is responsible to determine if the detected movements correspond to sexual activity . When this gestures and movements are detected, the system sends an alert through an app that the user can open and check the movement and even intensity of the situation that is taking place on your bed.

The company called Durmet, has worked hard in the detection system because they believe that the identification of the
activity is the key of the product. If this is not accurate, the system could give alerts when a pet goes to bed or when someone sits on the mattress.

Sensors and communication module operate through a removable battery hidden in the part of the head that has a range of one week and can be charged by USB.

The price is 1,550 euros for the small mattress (135 x 190 centimeters) and reaches 2,050 euros for the big one (150 x 200 centimeters).

If you ‘re paranoid about infidelity, certainly this could be an essential element in your daily life.

And, of course, you should invent a good credible excuse for your partner to justify the sudden change of mattress.

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