The smart bottle opener…Cheers!

smart bottle opener

Every day we are seeing more utensils that have obtained their “smart” versions, optimizing its traditional features and adapting their functions, through technology, to a more precise and original use.

In the attempt to make routine items intelligent, three friends from Switzerland  have released on the Kickstarter platform the first intelligent bottle opener.

These friends were usually spending their evenings drinking beer together until life separated them to different destinations in three different continents.

Missing the old times, they have worked together to go back to their beer routine thanks to this new and unique invention, the smart bottle opener.

BOx features

smart bottle opener features

The Bottle Opener X (BOX) is the first intelligent bottle opener able to send messages to friends when you open a bottle and then share the experience with them avoiding drinking alone.

In addition, the application keeps track of the bottles have been opened and makes a classification of users according to the quantity of bottles they have opened.

The more points are collected by users,  they can unlock more levels , improving ranking and challenging the rest of friends

Its design is pretty cool, making it very similar to conventional wood and stainless bottle openers.

You can see its detailed features on its official website: 

Market launch

Although in theory this invention doesn’t seem very useful , it has attracted attention among users and the news of its creation has been widespread in the media.

The bottle opener is a project still struggling to become a reality and has landed a few days ago on Kickstarter. With a goal of 15,000 Swiss francs, Box already has over 11,500 achieved and over 220 sponsors but still has several days ahead to reach its goal, so surely the product will be released soon.

If you want to get this product we suggest you to visit and support the project.

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