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Creativechain applies the technology blockchain to create a completely autonomous and decentralized registration and content distribution system, to indelibly certify the intellectual property and license of any digital content. The result is an ecosystem of functions supported by intelligent contracts or Smart Actions that liberate and empower both juridically and…

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The Fidget Cube

Imagine a gadget to be presented as a definitive cure of your stress at work, at school and at home. Imagine an objetc which ends your anxiety attacks which often result uncontrollable to play with some things, the unceasing turmoil of the legs or the persevering bite nails. Stop imagining…

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design of google daydream

Google has finally made public its intentions to get invoved in projects related to virtual reality. This is Google Daydream, a platform that goes further from previous VR devices and that comes with a helmet and a small remote control. For its development, Google has had the collaboration of the best technologies…

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