New Nokia 3310: the most expected of Mobile World Congress 2017

It is February 28th, which means that yesterday the Mobile World Congress 2017 began in Barcelona. As usually, this event brings loads of innovative projects displays, all of them related with technology innovation. Yesterday, Nokia presented one of the most expected gadgets: the new 3310, which was announced some weeks ago. Maybe it is not a ‘super’ innovative gadget, the most complex or not even the best seller one –after the MWC 2017–. But there is no doubt: this mobile is a symbol for people, who have expected its return.


New mobile, ¿same characteristics?

With the return of the classic model of Nokia, some of their characteristics have returned too. Snake game is the most named. There wouldn’t be a reinvention without the main pastime which the Finnish company has created.

The main characteristics of the new Nokia 3310 are simplicity, entertainment and that another one which could sound a little utopic nowadays: a battery that lasts around a week. However, this mobile was also known as the ‘indestructible one’ and it may not be anymore. Its current screen is bigger than it was in the original version that can make it looks more vulnerable.

Nevertheless, to make it up these weaknesses Nokia has implemented another strengths in their new model:

  • The possibility to use two different SIM cards at the same time in the same mobile.
  • The option to insert a microSD card to extend the memory of the mobile and use it as a MP3. Do you prefer listening the radio? No problem! It also includes a FM radio option.
  • The same mobile… with camera! The original version of 3310 didn’t have the option of taking pictures. Now you can collect all your moment with a 2 megapixels camera.


Last (but not least) question: ¿WhatsApp or not?

The big question that a lot of people want to know is: ¿Will I be able to use WhatsApp in my new Nokia? And the answer is… no. The new model use a 2G connectivity and you has no option to connect it to a wifi signal. So forget WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.
These limits can constitute a brake with the act of purchase for those who are addicted to the new technologies. But is an acceptable alternative for those who prefer to enjoy the analogical world and use their mobile just as a complement that makes their life easier.

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