Go Insta, videos in Streaming for Instagram

In the Videos in Streaming world, first name that we meet was Meerkat, with 120,000 users in just 13 days, Twitter not far behind and bought Periscope to launch to the market of the videos in streaming. But the true giant step in this new market niche, had to give the largest and most powerful of all, Facebook. The company with headquarters in Merlo, near the University of Stanford, got fully into the market with Facebook Live, cornering a very high percentage of users of videos in Streaming .

But this has not been enough, the giant of social media aims to monopolize the entire sector with the imminent launch of Go Insta, the new tool of Instagram to broadcast videos in streaming.

Which is the first video in Streaming of Go Insta?

Russia has been the place where the first Instagram direct was produced. From the stories of Instagram function, you can play live video, despite the fact that it is an issue right now in evidence. The direct can be found in the tab ‘Explore’ along with the rest of featured stories, but apart from them by the tag ‘Live’.

Clicking on a direct, users may access to broadcasting in streaming of other members. However, we still do not know the characteristics of Go Insta, as for example, the maximum time of issuance, if will be available to all users, if you can write comments during the direct, etc.

When will be available Go Insta?

At this moment, Go Insta is in beta phase and the company hasn’t inform when will launch officially.

What is clear is that currently the streaming is the feature of fashion for social networks, reason why Facebook – company that owns Instagram- has decided to extend the direct to the app of photography and videos.

We are living in The information Eraand now, the world needs new ways to communicate, to share moments or information. Videos in Streaming are an important tool to make possible this, and the main brands of the market, are fighting to become the best in this area. Now, Facebook wins to the others, but the game of Videos in Streaming, is already started.

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