The Flying Motorcycle has arrived!

As he usually does, the mad scientist Colin Furze surprise us again with one of his great homemade inventions. In this case, he has worked in the creation of a flying motorcycle  called “Hoverbike“. Despite not reaching a height of more than a couple of feet, if the produc comes hard on the market, it could be optimized in order to reach a higher altitude.

Undoubtedly the Hoverbikes or flying motorcycles, are one of the main dreams of people since they appeared in science fiction.

hoverbike1Furze, famous for its homemade Wolverine claws or bicycle jet propulsion, decided to carry out his first project to fly due to requests from fans. So he created the Hoverbike, a transport without seat with brakes powered by two propeller-driven instead of wheels.

This vehicle has features that distinguish it from ordinary bicycles in terms of size and noise. The Hoverbike is biggest and noisiest.

“Considering the amount of time I’ve spent on this and the fact that it is the first time I try to build something that rises from the ground, this is a job very well done,” Colin wrote in the video description on YouTube.

This flying bike was created from a pair of paragliding motors directed towards the ground and connected by a chassis. The inventor also had to use a couple of large fans drawn from a parachute as tires.

Furze created the Hoverbike with some parts supplied by Ford and documented the process of collecting the necessary materials and its construction.

After landing on the final design of the Hoverbike, Furze said it took four sessions to get to fly: ”It’s all about getting the engines running at the same speed”.

He considers that to be his first invention that is able to fly, the Hoverbike worked. As for the invention and construction of more flying devices, Furze said he believes there should be more adventures in the air in his future.

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