THE FIDGET CUBE: No more stress

The Fidget Cube

Imagine a gadget to be presented as a definitive cure of your stress at work, at school and at home.
Imagine an objetc which ends your anxiety attacks which often result uncontrollable to play with some things, the unceasing turmoil of the legs or the persevering bite nails.

Stop imagining and get it. This gadget already exists and is at your fingertips for much less than you think. We talk about the Fidget Cube, the definitive remedy against stress and anxiety. 
Fidget Cube

What is it?

This is a simple cube, the shape and size of a given, which contains levers, buttons or different wheels on each of its faces. Two of the faces contain buttons silent, to prevent these fussy noises that both disturb the office. Another of the faces contains a kind of minijoystick similar to game consoles, which produces a very pleasant sensation when you slide your finger over it.
You can rub a surface as the worry stones and to press what seems to be a light switch. It is without a doubt a gadget of the most relaxing and fun.

Fidget Cube Possibilities

Who Did The Fidget Cube?

The inventors of so amazing object are Mark and Matthew McLachlan, members of design studio Antsy Labs. Have managed to create a gadget multitasking. The Fidget Cube is easy to transport, because it is small. In addition, the operation is more than easy. And best of all is that its objective is not another that help us to combat this disease invisible and so difficult to treat: the stress.

How was it created?

The Fidget cube has been able to be created thanks to the funding received through Kickstarter, a platform of Crowfunding. In a principle needed $15,000 (13,000 euros) and have managed to 5.2 million (about EUR 4,6 million). Symptom of the good reception from the public has shown with the product.

Where do I get it?

The Fidget cube can be purchased at a price of 25 dollars (22 euros) in Kickstarter and has as approximate delivery date on December of 2016.

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