80’s Nostalgia to the Stranger Things Audience

Stranger Things

You may have heard about the new original Netflix series. Stranger Things is a hot topic in everyone’s mouth. 8 episodes of funny, creepy, thrilling and retro scenes all in one TV serie.

Stranger Things -set in 1983 in Hawkins, Indiana (a fictional city) – is centred around a group of kids and their search for their friend Will who apparently vanishes one night. The plot is one thing, but the highlight of the story may be the fact that it delivers a shot of nostalgia right to the audience heart.

The TV serie is fun for all ages. The pace is fast enough to keep younger viewers hooked, and anyone old enough to remember 1983 for real is in for an enjoyable retro-feast. All the ingredients are here: walkie-talkies as the latest technology, nosebleeds as a sign of mental effort, spooky woods and spirits communicating through electricity.

Stranger Things geeks claim to love the soundtrack of the show with some of the best 80’s classics. Either you were born in the 80’s or later, that era is remarkable for its music, that’s why it’s always good to reminisce and the viewer find it quite pleasant. Fashion is another element that the audience is excited to see again. Despite the fact that those outfits from the characters may look old-fashioned and from ages ago, it’s only been 30 years from that time when you or your parents wore turtlenecks, baggy denim jackets, ripped jeans, oversize sweatshirts, and so on. And the funny things here is that teenagers and millennials now try to dress like that again. I guess fashion always come back!

80s living room

The last bit of nostalgia within Stranger Things is the interiors design of the houses we can observe throughout the episodes. The retro style and wallpapers are all over the kids atmosphere.

It’s shocking to see the conservative ideology and values of american families during the 80’s. Do you think they evolve into our times? Guess what! We have to wait for the second season that it’s just been confirmed!

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