New VR experiences coming soon… by Google!

design of google daydream

Google has finally made public its intentions to get invoved in projects related to virtual reality.

This is Google Daydream, a platform that goes further from previous VR devices and that comes with a helmet and a small remote control.

For its development, Google has had the collaboration of the best technologies and brands either in hardware and software, highlighting the leading names in the Android universe.

VR Mode

Engineers who have made this project have been working on what they call “VR Mode”, which is the integration of virtual reality codifying it for the Android operating system.

Google has also announced the collaboration of eight manufacturers that will launch Daydream compatible terminals with the next generation platform: Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, and Alcatel Asus.

Features of Google Daydream

As we mentioned earlier, the set consists of glasses, a helmetand a small remote control that will work as a controller for games and also will function as a cursor for the rest of VR experiences:includes two buttons and a small touch panel, and is loaded with motion sensors that control the direction.
As for the glasses, we know thatdaydream remote control Google produce its own ones but let the manufactures who want to join this platform design their own VR glasses.

As for applications, Google is committed auguring good quality games with partners like EA and CCP Games. As peculiarity, Google has not only adapted YouTube to the platform and it has advanced Google Play Mvies will support films in high definition cinema, Google Street View will allow us to travel the world with VR and Google Photos will allow us to move around the place where our 360 degrees photos were taken.

We expect that Daydream comes according to the expectations that Google is giving us. To check this, we will have to wait until next autumn.

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